Why #MedBikini is conquering the Internet.

Why #MedBikini is conquering the Internet.

Recently, an article titled "Prevalence of Unprofessional Social Media Content Among Young Vascular Surgeons" appeared in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

The study involved authors sifting through publicly accessible social media accounts of vascular surgeons, pinpointing what they deemed as "unprofessional" content. Intriguingly, the data was gathered by three young male researchers, aged between 28 and 37, who set up fictitious social media accounts to monitor their subjects. The study's methodology did not specify clear inclusion or exclusion criteria. Notably, the authors categorized comments on topics such as abortion, gun control, and other pertinent political issues as "unprofessional."

However, it's essential to remember: doctors are human beings too. We experience emotions, engage in everyday activities, and, yes, even have our moments of leisure and relaxation, be it on a beach in a bikini or elsewhere. Does indulging in these ordinary facets of life undermine our professionalism within the confines of our work?

Double standards, especially those rooted in gender biases, have no place in our society. No individual, regardless of their profession or gender, should dictate what another should wear or how they should feel about it.

Being in the medical profession does not strip us of our rights as individuals. We have not just the right but also the responsibility to voice our opinions on pressing societal issues, be it social injustice, racial biases, discrimination, or laws that jeopardize safety. Speaking up on these matters doesn't dilute our professionalism; instead, it reinforces our commitment to holistic well-being and equity.